Oats Atta Cookies

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Considering the healthy variants preferred by today’s generation, Oats & Atta Cookies is loaded with Health Benefits. The Cookies prides itself for having Honey, Oats and Whole Wheat Flour as its main ingredient which has a lot of Health Benefits. The Cookies like other are manufactured with pure Butter and with only top of the quality ingredients. The cookies being a Signature Product of Agrawal's Delight are widely appreciated for its quality and taste. Use of Butter ensures that the product does not develop rancid taste and lasts longer. The cookies are retailed in eco-friendly composite Cans which makes it a perfect gifting option. Composite Cans also ensures that cookies’ shelf life enhances since it avoids direct contact with air and moisture. A must have in every household and a great gifting option to show your concern for your near and dear ones. IT contains Whole Wheat Flour, Oats, Butter, Sugar, Milk, Skimmed Milk Power, Honey.


Store in cool and dry place. Its shelf life is 3 months



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